ProductHow to register in the Netherlands for the first time?

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Register within 5 days after your arrival in the Netherlands, at the municipality of Nijmegen.  This is also required if you were already registered at a Dutch municipality, but unregistered before 1 October 1994.

Did you unregister from a municipality after 1 October 1994?
Register your resettlement from abroad (Digital Counter) within 5 days after your arrival in the Netherlands.

Will you be staying less than 4 months in the Netherlands? 
Go to Registration non-residents (Digital Counter) to make an appointment for registration.

Make sure you register in the  Municipal Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie personen: BRP). The BRP contains personal information of everyone who lives or has lived in the Netherlands.

To register in the Netherlands for the first time, visit the Stadswinkel in person. Your family members are required to come in person as well.
You have to register within 5 days after your arrival in the Netherlands.

Making an appointment
Make an appointment online
 The appointment system is in Dutch, but you can use this translation (pdf, 369 kb).

Or make an appointment by calling 14 024 (only available in the Netherlands). You can call this phone number between 8.30h and 17.00h.

Do you call from outside of the Netherlands or via the internet? 
Call this number: +31 24 329 90 00.

Please take the following documents with you to the appointment
  • valid passport or valid identity card and (if applicable) those of your family members
  • original birth certificate of all those to be registered, (if applicable) authenticated or with apostil (
  • If you rent an accommodation: photocopy of your rental contract
  • If you purchased a house: photocopy of the sales contract or photocopy of the deed (on which the new address is mentioned)
  • If you lodge: a photocopy of the passport or identification from the person you live with and a ‘statement approval co-habitation’ (pdf) signed by the main inhabitant.
  • If you are married: marriage certificate and (if applicable) authenticated or with apostil (
  • when unregistering from Curaçao, St.-Martin, Aruba, Bonaire, St.-Eustatius  or Saba: a proof of deregistration
When will my registration be completed?
Your registration in the Netherlands will be completed within 5 till 10 workdays.

Free of charge.

More information

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  • You'll find general information about the Dutch government on